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Fruits Basket Messenger Bag - Yuki Face

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The new Bag of the year? The Messenger! With both Velcro and clip to secure the bag, the slightly padded Messenger flips opens to reveal eleven pockets in various sizes including one mesh zippered pocket. Business cards, PDA, IDs, fliers - basically anything you can think, there's a place for it in the Messenger. There are also two mesh outer pockets on either side of the bag - easily access your mobile phone or your drink. Just slip it in and out with no fuss. Even better, there is a large outside pocket on the back and a large inner pocket spans the width of the bag, both secured with Velcro. Be able to store more personal items away with no worries. A handy elastic pen holder will keep you from losing pens inside your bag. Perfect for school, approximately 14.5" x 12" x 3.5", the Messenger is perfect for your academic necessities.