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Sumikko Gurashi Two Tier Side Lock Bento | Stripes

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Meet Sumikko Gurashi, super cute cartoon characters that celebrate the quieter moments in life! Meaning 'Life in the Corner' in Japanese, the main characters are Shirokuma (a cold hating polar bear), Penguin? (who is unsure whether he is a penguin or not), Tonkatsu (a leftover piece of pork cutlet), Neko (an anxious and shy cat), and Tokage (a dinosaur who pretends to be a lizard).

The Sumikko Gurashi Two Tier Side Lock Bento | Stripes features two stacking compartments that lock together via two locks on the outer lid. The upper tier includes a removable divider for separating your main meal from your sides, and the inner lid dividing the two tiers houses a set of inset chopsticks, ensuring that you’ll never forget your cutlery again. The Sumikko Gurashi cast of characters adorn the outer lid, on top of a cute yellow stripe design.

Dimensions: 17.6 cm x 8.3 cm x 8 cm
Chopsticks Length: 15 cm
Capacity:  600 ml total (upper tier 300 ml, lower tier 300 ml)
Materials: Polypropylene, AS resin, Polyethylene, EVA, ABS, Silicone
NOT Dishwasher or Microwave safe
Do not put in the oven or on the stove.
Made in Japan