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Texhnolyze Volume 1 DVD & CD Combo Pack with Soundtrack

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English and Japanese with English Subtitles. Contains Episodes 1-4 plus Texhnolyze Soundtrack 1. 100 min. From Geneon.

Texhnolyze CD Soundtrack 1: Music Only Music But Music features 25 tracks (71 minutes) of music from Juno Reactor (Matrix Reloaded / Matrix Revolutions), J-pop superstar Gackt, Hajime Mizoguchi (Escaflowne / Rahxephon), Kojii Kasamatsu (Lain), Tsuneo Imahori (Trigun / Gungrave) and Keishi Urata (Akira). Contains the exclusive full-length version of the opening theme. Also includes a full-color booklet with lyrics, song titles, staff profiles and phonetic lyrics.