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Alicia's Anime Blog episode 1

Posted by Clint Cassa on

Hey everyone!

First off, we wanted to send a big thank you to all of you for your business and support! As you've likely heard, most conventions and other events are being cancelled due to the coronavirus, including all of ours! Our last event was March 1st, 2020 and all of our shows are canceled as far as February 2021 so far. So your business means a lot to us and helps us out so much!

We miss seeing all of you as well as working with the various con staff members we've come to know over the past 16 years! We fully support all of these events in cancelling and look forward to working with all of them again as soon as possible!

Our hope is that all of you will stay safe and that we'll be able to see you again in person soon. There's nothing we love more than talking with you guys (usually excitedly) over our favorite anime and video games! We miss our friends and "con fam!"

So with the first "episode" of this blog we wanted to keep in touch with you all as well as talk about our favorite games, anime and manga, and pick out some products to feature that we personally love. We'll try to remember to post to Facebook and Twitter each time, too! We'll likely end up nerding out about movies and other stuff while we're at it.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Stay safe



  • Aww hopefully you guys can make it back to Japan soon! That is our dream trip!

    Clint Cassa on

  • Kat and I miss seeing you guys too! We’re really looking forward to some conventions and travel hopefully next year(fingers crossed). This year was supposed to be our annual trip to Japan, which unfortunately but understandably didn’t happen.

    Hunter on

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