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Alicia's Anime Blog episode 11: Clint's pick for week of November 21st

Posted by Clint Cassa on

My pick for this week is an item we added today, the Lady Dimitrescu shirt. After a stretch of 10 straight weeks with cons, we've got a bit of time off and have been able to add over 160 new items, my favorite of which being this shirt! I've loved the series since my first time playing (RE2 for PS1), and though it's changed a lot over the years, I've had an absolute blast with 7 & 8. The over nine foot tall Alcina Dimitrescu and her daughters were my favorite characters in RE Village, creating some of the scariest experiences I've had in a while, and some of my all-time favorite memories in gaming.
Check out our other Resident evil items HERE. We'll be adding a couple of new designs soon!


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