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Alicia's Anime Blog episode 7: Welcome back Otakon!

Posted by Clint Cassa on

Our booth at Otakon 2021

As we mentioned in the last entry, the pandemic caused us to miss a year and a half of events. This past weekend was a return to one of our special, hometown cons, Otakon! Otakon was the second convention we attended as vendors, back in 2005! We were as sad as everyone else when they were forced to cancel in 2020. This year's con saw safety regulations in place, which from our view (we were pretty much at our booth the entire time) seemed to be happily followed by everyone who visited us or passed by! 

This was our 16th year at Ota and we've enjoyed every one. Thanks so much to the staff and attendees for another wonderful show! It felt great to see all of you after so long!

We were busy enough that I only got a few pictures this year, but here they are...

Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening. I had just finished this game and Tharja was my favorite character, so it was awesome to see such an amazing cosplay of her!

Dry Bones! This cosplayer spent months making this amazing cosplay and it looked spectacular!

Our crew! Looking forward to many more shows and hoping that things remain safe enough for them to continue to return!

Stay safe everyone! 


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