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Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Vol. 4 DVD

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110 minutes. English, Japanese with subtitles. From Bandai/Manga Video. Contains Episodes 13-16. Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Vol. 4 A band of terrorists claim to have possession of a girl who was kidnapped some years ago. But when Section 9 is called in to resolve the situation, they realize that something is very wrong – the girl is the same age she was when she was kidnapped all those years ago! Then, Section 9 is assigned to guard a very wealthy and reclusive businessman who has been targeted for assassination by an international crime syndicate. But if they can’t even find him, how will they guard him? Back at headquarters, the Major has become disturbed by the behavior of the Tachikomas. Their AIs are developing too fast; she has doubts about their future usefulness. But Batou has other concerns as he goes undercover to spy on Zaitsev, a former Olympic silver medalist whom he admires. He wants his information to be wrong, for Zaitsev to be innocent. What will his operation reveal?